Help George Tabb!! Vol. 1
Psychic Hamster is Proud to Present Help  George Tabb! All of the profits from this record  go to helping George pay his medical bills. This  is the album that you read about on Myspace,  George's Site, and in the Punk Rock Zines!

Welcome to Psychic Hamster Records.   It is here that we record, master and publish fine quality audio artwork.   Psychic Hamster is committed to offering high quality, artist-centered production.   For each and every record we produce, we try to bring the vision of the recording artist to light.  Although we’re small,  we offer all the services needed to get a music project from concept to reality.    Please check out our recent releases…..we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



For some reason the more technology has evolved,  the worse things have gotten for the music business.   With the ability to program your music with computers,  less and less music is being made with instruments,  and more is being synthesized.  Far to many modern records are using sampling and tech tools rather than approaching music from a lifelike setting.   Psychic Hamster’s recording studio is very much like a recording studio of the past.  There’s not a ton of effects and weird devices designed to warp your sound all around into something different than it was meant to be.   Although we do use computers to make the job easier,   our recording style isn’t much different than if we had a reel-to-reel multi-track.   It is our opinion that music on record should be easily reproducible in a live setting.   By treating recording as recording,  rather than a technical game,  we get a very natural sound,  and a very real to life feeling.   You should be able visualize the music being created.   The sign of a good recording is when it recreates the living music experience.



The biggest thing that makes a big label project outshine an indie project is the audio quality.   There’s nothing worse that having to mess with your stereo to get a somewhat acceptable sound.   That’s the quickest way to guarantee that your album will get minimal airplay on radio, and to ensure that it will be quickly removed from the listening deck.   Mastering fixes all that.  There’s nothing like a good engineer making sure that your CD sounds clean,  strong and high quality.   To make any project sound better,  please contact us.

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